Avrio Logistics

Web Design / Rebranding Project

Created New Website & Rebranded

    Wanted a new look with a more modern design. Sales increase by 35% just these changes alone.

    Avrio Logistics, one of the largest Logistics and warehousing providers on the east coast of the united states, wanted to update both their website and their logo. Although they were one of the first logistics companies to go online, their technology was a little outdated and wanted to improve sales by being more modern.


    Above Web Design redesigned Avrio Logistics old logo and made it more unique and modern. With the new logo, we branded all their new letterheads, business cards, and their website as well.


    Avrio Logistics had a 35% improvement in customer conversions with the rebranding of new logo and website.

    With many big customers like K-Mart, Sears and Family Dollar, Avrio Logistics continues to be one of the largest logistics companies on the east coast.