Embassy Loans

SEO / SEM Project

Powerful Organic SEO, with over 3,600 keywords ranked number #1 !


Reduced advertisement spend by 75%

Continues to provide its customers with some of the lowest rates, by reducing their advertisement cost

Embassy Loans, one of the leading auto equity loan providers in the state of Florida, insisted on lowering their advertisement cost. They wanted to continue providing their customers with some of the lowest rates, but their online advertisement became more and more expensive.

SEO Success

Boosting Embassy Loans search visibility was a great success. Not only did they rank extremely well in a highly competitive market, they also reduced their online advertisement spending by 75% compared to previous years.

End Results

Embassy Loans continues to use our services and is extremely happy with their results.

Because of their reduced overhead advertisement cost, they can continue providing some of the lowest rates on auto equity loans in the state of Florida.