Selecting the right web domain name for your website can be fun, but also costly in the long run if you do it wrong. Your websites name can have an impact on your business and online presence. It’s important to remember, you can always change your web host, SEO provider or website, but your domain should always stick with you for the life of your company.

If you are adamant about changing your domain after running a successful site, it’s not the end of the world, but you will have to rebuild your SEO and Branding efforts all over again which could cost you thousands of dollars.

How to pick the right domain?

When picking your domain, try to keep it short and easy to remember as possible.

  • Stay away from hyphens (-) in your domain
    • Customers will often forget any hyphens in your domain name when going on your website.
  • Try to get a .com domain.
    • There are so many choices to pick from for your domain extension, but .com is still king!
  • Keep it memorable and simple.
    • Try to keep the domain memorable for your customers. If return customers can’t remember your domain name or use search engines to find your website again, there is a chance you may lose that potential customer to a competitor.
  • Having a keyword in your domain name does help your business rank.
    • If you can slip a keyword into your domain example, it will help you rank easier in search engines for that keyword, in this case, “web design.” There are plenty of domains without keywords in their domain that rank amazingly, but they will spend a lot more money branding their company name with their products or services that they offer.
  • Make sure there are no misspellings in the domain name.
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